Fort Lauderdale's New River Inn

In the heart of Fort Lauderdale's historic district is the Fort Lauderdale Historic Museum which serves as the city's educational hub for all things past in Fort Lauderdale.  Built in 1905 as the city's first fully functioning hotel, the building now welcomes thousands of Fort Lauderdale students for historic tours each year.

Built by Edwin T. King in 1905, the hotel has stood through every major hurricane that passed through South Florida.  The building is made of cement which was formed by hand, brick-by-brick, of beach sand which was brought in by barge to construct the hotel. The interior features the extremely durable Dade County Pine (which is the only wood that termites will not eat).

The building was strategically placed in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, just steps from what was once the only railroad running through South Florida and on the banks of New River.  With 24 guest rooms, the hotel was once the most desirable for those visiting and traveling through South Florida. The hotel closed its doors in 1955 as larger, more modern hotels were being constructed throughout the city.

Fearing that the hotel would be demolished, Fort Lauderdale residents lobbied to save the hotel and in 1972 their efforts paid off as the hotel was first building to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

I'd highly recommend visiting the Fort Lauderdale Historic Museum to take a tour and see how well built this building is.  The details inside and out are breathtaking and you can feel the history inside of the building.