Fort Lauderdale's FAT Village Art Walk

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend my first ArtWalk at FAT Village. I've visited Fort Lauderdale's beautiful art district in the past but had yet to attend their monthly ArtWalk event.  It was a beautiful night for the event with the a cool breeze and the sun setting.

The entire FAT Village area is blocked off for the event so parking was limited. I'd suggest that if you plan to attend this event in the future that you Uber, Lyft or plan on walking a few minutes from a parking spot.

The buildings are filled with art created by some of the area's top creative minds and offer unique views of some of the issues facing America today.  Some displays could be considered edgy or controversial but art is in the eye of the beholder.

Food trucks line the streets and local vendors are welcome to set up displays along the streets. There was a wide variety of arts and crafts available for sale and the food selection was fantastic. 

The FAT Village hosts the ArtWalk on the last Saturday of the month from 6PM - 10PM with after parties at some of the local pubs and eateries.  I'd highly suggest taking an afternoon to explore the neighbourhood and see all that this Fort Lauderdale hidden gem has to offer.